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SAKURA pink.png

Cosplaying as Yae Miko from Genshin Impact

For my Yae Miko cosplay, I customised the original shoes, created new accessories for the necklace + headpiece, and styled the wig myself! This review isn't sponsored, I just like writing and I bought the costume with my own money! (though I did very kindly have the lenses gifted by PinkyParadise.)


The shrine maiden uniform itself is really great quality, and the fabric is similar to silk with patterns made into it rather than printed onto the fabric. It may be raylon fabric, but the material can be ironed as long as it's done on reverse with a cloth, and a very low 'silk' heat setting.

The obi (waist sash) is double-interfaced, which I was pleasantly surprised by as this helps the sash to keep a firm shape around the waist. The bow at the back is secured via a metal triangle, but can equally be safety pinned into place. You can see more close-up pictures of the fabric and details below in the gallery.


A slight warning about the black bodysuit; you'll need to purchase pasties/body tape for your bust as the black material does not adequately cover the bust, especially if you're at an anime convention and you don't want it to slip. I've included a link for the body tape that I purchased which comes with covers, and it's good quality tape that feels comfortable on the skin. It will lose its stick if you attempt to unstick and reapply it, so make sure you get the placement right on the first try to avoid wasting tape.

The only part of the cosplay that I didn't like so much were the accessories that come with it, which I planned in advance to swap out and replace with 3D prints. Some included accessories are glittery rather than a metallic finish, such as the headpiece which is made out of foam.

My accessories were 3D printed by a friend (@veerajvadgama) which I then worked on to paint and attach to the main cosplay. There's extra pictures of the accessories and comparisons with my 3D printed versions in the gallery if you'd like to see the differences.

The wig is a very cute dusty rose pink colour, and matches Yae's banner art very well. It's super soft, and comes with the bangs pre-cut which makes it muuuch easier to style. This was my first time attempting to properly style a wig with spikes, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. The wig is heat-resistant to a hairdryer and I didn't experience any problems with excessive shedding of wig hairs. It has an imitation scalp at the top/front too, which you can see in my images. With the way the wig has been pre-cut, it's relatively easy to style fox ears out of the hair if you don't have any pink fox ears for your cosplay!

An additional note about the shoes is that whilst they may look good, appearances can be a little decieving. Yae Miko's cosplay shoes are not the most comfortable thing in the world, and I found that the middle part of the sandal hurt to walk around a convention centre in. For photoshoots, they're totally fine! But if you're planning to be walking round, it's worth applying a sheet of red foam around the middle part like I did.

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