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If you want to different PC parts or want to search yourself, my affiliate links are always pinned

in my Discord server, Celesticord. Find them in the #links-and-codes channel! 

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The Sakura Pink PC build was really challenging to put together as a beginner, and I want to share my PC resources so that you can make it yourself and know what to buy. I want to make the process more accessible since tech is confusing!


Making animated tutorials like my walkthrough takes months of planning and a lot of hard work. So,

Please support me by using my links below to purchase your PC parts!

It really goes a LONG way in helping me as a small creator by letting me earn revenue through these sales, and I really appreciate the support! <3

(NOTE: If you leave items in your basket overnight, you'll need to re-click the links for it to register the sale.)

Got a question? Check the FAQ or get 1-on-1 help over on Patreon!

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Note: I have shopfronts for US + UK regions but these links are for Amazon US.

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Note: some links may go to Amazon UK, depending on Scan's stock.