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Sep 09, 2022
In Questions & Answers
It’s been a long time since we last heard from Path of Exile 2. The long-awaited follow up was first revealed at ExileCon – Path of Exile's yearly fan convention – in 2019, but since then we haven't really seen anything new from the game. That all changed today as Grinding Gear Games not only gave us a new Path of Exile 2 trailer, but also published a new gameplay walkthrough for the game. Here is everything you need to know about Path of Exile 2, including the release date, trailer, gameplay, and other news.The sooner you know more information about Path of Exile 2, the easier it is for you to earn more Path of Exile Currency to help you enjoy the game better. When is the Path of Exile 2 beta coming out? One thing we do know about Path of Exile 2 is that it won’t replace the original campaign. Both the campaign that’s out right now and the sequel’s will continue in the same game client, with players being able to take characters and accounts – complete with any microtransactions – through either. We’ll be sure to update this story as soon as we have more info on a release date for PoE 2, so be sure to check back soon, as it could be coming any day now. Path of Exile 2 trailer If you’d like to see 14 minutes of the first PoE 2 gameplay, you can check out an in-depth trailer above. What is the endgame of path of Exile 2? Both the old and new storyline lead to the same shared Atlas endgame. Path of Exile 2 retains all expansion content that has been created over the last six years and introduces a new skill system, ascendancy classes, engine improvements and more. Since the death of Kitava, society has been slowly rebuilding. Path Of Exile 2 News The developers of Path of Exile assert that one of their core goals is to have the game financed only by “ethical microtransactions.” This business model is their chosen medium to provide a genuinely free-to-play. These microtransactions are mainly in-game cosmetic items for the players’ characters. Semi-automated public trading inventories or additional character slots are included behind a paywall as well. Finally, Grinding Gear Games stated in the forum that “Over the years there have been many changes that we would have loved to make to Path of Exile but couldn’t because they would break existing characters. Path of Exile 2 is an opportunity to make all of these changes in one large update.” The latest news and announcements about Path of Exile 2 can also be seen on the official forum page of Path of Exile from Grinding Gear Games. Path of Exile 2 Gameplay Similar to the original game, ‘Path of Exile 2’ is an action role-playing game presented from an overhead perspective in the vein go ‘Diablo II’. You control a single character and explore the vast outdoor world along with treacherous caves and dungeons, meet new Non Player Characters (NPCs), fulfill quests and battle all sorts of hellish monsters. For this, you gain experience points that unlock new abilities and new equipment like armor and weapons. The terrain is procedurally generated, so every encounter is sufficiently different. ‘Path of Exile 2’ will overhaul the mechanics of the original game and rework the 7 character classes currently available. The basic character archetypes will remain the same as before, but the characters will now have 19 new Ascending classes, along with the ones already in the game. The passive skill tree in ‘Path of Exile’ will also undergo changes, along with the addition of all new enemies and abilities for your playable character. The progression system in terms of weapon and armor acquisition and use will also be redone and a tweak to the skill system will allow Socket Support gems to be directly socketed into skill gems. However, perhaps the most visible change is the visual overhaul ‘Pillars of Eternity 2’ is being treated t0. The all new physical rendering techniques will allow real-time collision and impact simulation, such as arrows sticking to surfaces they should be sticking to. The character models and animations are also upgraded to bring the game on parity with modern standards. Of course, since ‘Path of Exile 2’ is fundamentally an expansion, all current and future content for ‘Pillars of Eternity’ will also be available for the sequel. The upcoming ‘Conquerors of Atlas’ expansion for ‘Path of Exile’ features a new endgame story, upgradeable maps, news skills and support gems. A new special type of Support Gem Plus item type will also be incorporated. As of now there is no multiplayer implementation in the actual gameplay. Players can congregate together in encampments but must traverse the land in solo mode. Path of Exile 2 System Requirements As it's still in early development, Grinding Gear Games has yet to reveal any sort of system requirements for Path of Exile 2. We'll be on the lookout and update this section with any info as it becomes available. That is everything about Path Of Exile 2. We will keep updating as long as new information about Path Of Exile 2, in Path Of Exile 2, currency is important for players, here I recommend you Buy Cheap PoE Currency on directly.
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